Thank you for your interest in this years mission trip. We will be going to Santa Ana, El Salvador June 23rd to June 30th. We will be serving alongside long time missionary Kenton Moody and his wife Eunice Moody. 


The Moody's have a powerful ministry in El Salvador. They have successfully opened their own school to help serve the many young people who are underprivileged. They have also built countless homes for families who are in need of housing. They have had water wells installed to give communities clean drinking water. The weekly give out food. they teach people practical life skills that they can use for employment. All of these wonderful things while seeing many come to christ. Their church, Open Door Church has served many people across the region and is the driving force behind all the practical ways they serve people. 


During our trip to Santa Ana, El Salvador, we will focus on building homes, ministering in schools and churches, working with the people as directed by the Moody's. 


We would love to have you join us on our trip. You must be 15 years of age and older to attend this trip. While most of the time our trips contain teens and young adults, we also need adults who can help serve in a variety of ways. 


Jack Gonzales

Total Cost: $1,650
Non-refundable Deposit: $300 due FEB 15th
Next Steps: 
1. Fill out online application below and give deposit (due by Feb 15th)
2. Email Parental consent form (if under 18 years of age)
3. Email Assumption of Risk form (if under 18 years of age) 
4. Email color copy of your passport
Send ALL emails to:  
Team Meeting: 
Saturday March 21st
9am - 1pm 
4436 77th Street
Sacramento, CA 95820
Payment Plan: 
  • Feb 15th - $300 Deposit 
  • March 14th - $300 
  • April 18th - $300
  • May 16th - $300 
  • June - $400