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Pastors, Youth Pastors, & Youth Workers!

We are so excited to offer you an effective and dynamic resource to help your Student Ministries department in your church, be everything God wants it to be! 


We all know that the next generation is in desperate need of a God movement.  Statistics show evidence that more and more of our young people, the moment they age out of their youth groups, leave the church and never come back. This is a reality that we believe should NOT be casually disregarded. We believe a solution should be passionately pursued and engaged, no matter the cost. 


Part of the reality of this situation is that Youth Pastors of today are in a much more challenging ministry environment than youth pastors before them. Culture shifts quickly, values are changing, and what was once effective, is no longer.  It is because of this, we have created the Student Ministries Academy. It is our vision to see youth pastors and senior pastors working together in a combined effort to reach the lost throughout every corner of our network.  Our goal is to partner with, and to empower every youth pastor and leader in CPMN, and help them do all they can to reach the next generation. 


The Student Ministries Academy is an interactive training program that has been tailor made for the youth pastors and leaders of CPMN for this very purpose.  It combines online resources and live scheduling coaching and training to create a community of pastors working together towards a common goal. We are confident that this resource will improve the effectiveness of your youth ministry and to help create even more disciples in your churches and community!

Local Youth Pastor: If you feel like you are alone and potentially underprepared for the responsibility of your youth department, we want you to know that you are not alone! We want you to know that we appreciate you and all you do for the next generation, and are committed to helping you be impactful to those God has entrusted to you. We would love the opportunity to partner with you to help you fulfill the call that God has placed on your life. 


We pray that you would consider joining us in the endeavor. We know that when the workers of Christ come together with a shared purpose, we can achieve great things. So I encourage you, get information, sign up below, and get ready for a new season in your calling!

God Bless, 

Rev. Jack Gonzales 
CPMN District Youth Director
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 - - Only 50 Spots Available! - - 
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